Bullying is a worldwide problem that has grown tremendously in the past years. Everyone no matter who or what has somehow been related or involved in bullying. There are many key roles that play in bullying such as: the bully, the bystander, and the bullied but in some cases there is a person who stands up for the kid or adult being bullied. Dr.Olsen, Mrs.King, Mr.Hull, Elm Place Middle School and the 7th graders at Elm Place all play a role in this project and the stopping of bullying but since this is a world wide problem students all over the world are also involved.

People can be bullied and be a bully at any age.  Bullying effects the world and especially families who lose loved ones due to the fact that they were being bullied. 

There are many outcomes and consequences of being bullied or being the bully like suicide, injuries, a bad childhood, usage of drugs, alcohol and you can get in a lot of trouble from your parents, peers, teachers or even friends. Unfortunately 9 out of 10 kids have been bullied, been the bully or have been the bystander. More and more children lose their live because of bullying. This needs to end. Now!

This is the truth and we need to face it.