Bullying has been around for centuries but has not been addressed as a problem until now. Bullying is the repeated act of harassment that includes two or more people. There are many purposes for kids or even adults to bully like: to boost self-esteem, insecurity, bad life at home, to fit in, to act cool, and to make the person being bullied feel powerless and scared. Bullying has affected many people's lives and has done nothing but skyrocket to things worse than just mental pain.

 This also affects the ability for students to learn in school. kids are loosing there ability to learn in school because they can not concentrate on there work. They have to worry about if they will make it to the bathroom with out being harassed or bullied. All in all If we stop bullying we will be looking at a much brighter road ahead of us. Watch this clip for a better understanding on the history of bullying and what the true meaning and effects of bullying are.