1. One of the solutions that are group has thought of is to make bullying a part of the health class curriculum. By doing this we could be informing our children in the dangers of bullying in ways that would be effective and proactive.

In this unit taught in health class students would become informed about the academical and physical tolls caused by bullying. The class would use facts and statistics to help the students understand why bullying is a problem.

The steps that could be taken that would ensure the success of this program would be to first introduce students to the dangers of bullying with instructional booklets and papers to inform them in the basics of bullying. The next step would be to teach students about the three essential characters in the bullying situation (Bully, Bullied, and Bystander). The third and final step would be to teach students about possible solutions and eventually have them make their own.

This would cost anywhere between $50-$200. This would help out our school tremendously and it would be a good way to engage students in Health class. The title of this solution is Health for help.
2. Another way we can inform others of bullying is giving out or selling wristbands to raise awareness to stop bullying. If we don’t stop bullying and help this cause then people will continue to commit suicide and, in the most severe cases of homicide because of other people’s actions.

Another useful solution would be to have celebrities who have been bullied come in and aware the bullies that people are on to them and they cannot just do what they whatever they please.

This would spread all over and possibly get people more involved in stopping bullying.  The steps needed to make this happen are to make a slogan or something to put on these bands. Ask stores to sell the bands. Hopefully these bands will raise awareness.

This would cost anywhere from $50-$150. This would look great for the school and for the kids who made the bands. This would help raise awareness which would lead to the end of bullying.
3. Another useful solution would be to create an online anonymous website for people to report bullying and let their feelings out. This would basically be a place for people from all over the world to let what they're feeling out.

They can also just talk about how they have been bullied and what people have done to them. The website would give people the ability to express themselves without anyone knowing who is writing what.

I think this would be helpful because if someone had no one to talk to or express their feelings to then they could with the website. It is not healthy for someone to hold their feelings in, it will only bring more pain. People will go on to the website and be able to write whatever they want about how they feel or what happened without people knowing who is writing.

Anyone could write anything at any time. The steps that Elm Place needs to accomplish to complete this goal is to create a website that is fit for blogging.The cost would be between $0 and $50. This policy is not violating any laws. The final outcome will look great at Elm Place and it would be very helpful to people around the world who get harassed every day. 
4. It is also a possible solution to have former or past character counts winners or people who are against bullying take a stand and speak for what they know is right. Also they could have guest speakers, for example: we could have an assembly for anti-bullying every once and a while.

This role model will set a great example for  the school. This will range anywhere from $0-$500 depending who the guest speaker is. This will hopefully set a great example on both the kids and teachers to make bullying a main priority.

The steps needed to do this is to first talk about what will happen at the assembly and who will be speaking, then we would have to plan out a date to hold the assembly, next we would contact the speaker and see if the date work for him or her and find out if they are willing to do it. Lastly we would inform all of the kids and adults about the assembly.

This will look great for Elm Place because it shows that we are taking a stand and enlightening people on what we believe in. If this happened awareness would be spread throughout and influence kids to not bully.
5. Another way we could help stop bullying make a handout for incoming 6th graders informing them about bullying, what you should do when you get bullied, what you should do when you witness bullying and what the consequences are of bullying.

This will remind the sixth graders about how Elm Place will take bullying and how we will handle it. This will also make the impressions on bullies that they will get caught here and they wont get away with their actions.

This will also remind kids who are bullied that there is a chance at their new school that they will not be bullied and they will b able to live a normal kids life. Including the costs of ink and paper this may cost up to about $25-$50. This does comply with peoples lives because they are in a school that highly disagrees and has rules against bullying.

This piece of paper would look like a diagram of a bully and a victim with a cross through it with a diagram with why you shouldn't bully.
6.  Lastly it may be an efficient solution if we make kids sign a pact or a contract saying that they will not be involved in any type of bullying inside or outside of school. If they do bully the consequences will be harsh.

This solution could be called the care contract. The basics of this program could be to have students sign a contract which would have students stop bullying for a period of time. After the contract is up then students will be able to compare the amount of time that they spent not bullying to the time when they were bullying.

This will be effective because bullies will see that they do not need bullying to be happy, victims will be happy because they are not being bullied, and bystanders will be happy because they are living without guilt or fear. The steps that would be taken to complete this would be to inform the students of the contract and tell them what it entails, the next step would be to have as many students sign the contract as possible, after the contract is void the final step would be to get feedback from the students to see if it was a success.

I do not think that this would cost very much money because it does not involve purchasing things. This solution is constitutional because students are signing the contracts on their own free will, by signing the contract they are agreeing to submit to after school detention if any reports of bullying are filed against them.

This will look good especially in Elm Place because so many people are trying to stop bullying that many people would sign the contract without asking questions, we will know that we accomplished our goal because we are confident that students will be so much more happy without bullying that they will not bully even after the contract expires.