This video was an original E*Trade Commercial. We took this video and put my (Ethan's) voices and shows us trying to conquer cyber bullying.
As we all know bullying is a big problem for many people and for some it can be unavoidable. As we enter the second decade of the twenty first century our forms of bullying advance almost as fast as our technology. One of the newest forms of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a child or teen is harassed and tormented via technological devices such as: phone, computer, and social networks. 

According to www.stopcyberbullying.org there are two types of  cyber bullying; direct attacks, which means that the bully will let the victim know that they are the bully and bullying by proxy which is when the bully gets someone else to do their dirty work. Why is this a problem? because before the cyber age people could address the problem of bullying head on and directly punish the bully, but now that we have the internet bullies are offered anonymity that gives them cover from any punishment that could have been delivered had they not had this easy escape into the realm of the world wide web. What can we do? 

This is the part when talking to our kids about the dangers of bullying just won't cut it. This problem is a hard one to fix because limiting our children's internet is almost impossible and the total anonymity of the internet can grant anyone the ability to bully. So maybe we should change our view and instead of trying to stop bullying we can we can help the victims. 

By creating websites where people can report incidents both on and offline or by giving the ability to report suspicious behavior on the most widely used social networks like Youtube or Twitter we could provide a sense of security for bullied students on a system that, though it is still developing, is widely used around the globe. The internet is a risky place for many people but it is especially dangerous for children and by monitoring their activities we can save them from the dangers that lie in the internet.